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EarlySense Live

Sleep and Wellness Tracker

An under-the-mattress sleep sensor which accurately analyzes the user's sleep and wellness, offering full sleep stages analysis, heart and breathing rates alerts and smart alarm

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My Roles

Outbound Product Management

Conducted market analysis, user surveys and interviews, competitive research, business models

Inbound Product Management

Wrote full product requirements, worked closely with R&D, algorithms, QA, regulation, marketing to verify proper execution

Native App UX Design

Designed a simple, easy to use & efficient app, including functional prototyping, user testing, app publishing, usage tracking

Product Branding & Packaging

Defined product branding concept, tone of voice and app look & feel. Designed the product's retail package

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IoT Sensor
IoT Sensor
Digital Health App
Product Packaging
Slim Design
IoT Sensor
EarlySense Live: Gallery


Good Design Awards

Personal 2018

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From The Media

Talking About Live

EarlySense Live: Testimonials


"We found EarlySense Live to be a convenient, accurate, and easy to use sleep and health tracker. We believe the SmartShare add-on is a particularly appealing option that may offer peace of mind to both users and their loved ones if overnight safety is a concern."

The Medical Futurist

"If you are searching for an easy way to track your health and sleep, EarlySense Live could be your ideal choice. Here, you do not have to deal with the utterly personalized solutions different applications and wearable sensors can offer, which require time, effort and testing."


"EarlySense Live is the only sleep tracker I’ve used that I would call accurate...Because the app is so easy to use, it’s something that can be used by virtually anyone, in case you’re sharing home care duties with several others with varying degrees of tech savvy."

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