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EarlySense Percept

World's 1st Contact-Free Women's Fertility Tracker

An FDA listed medical device which seamlessly monitors physiological signals including heart rate and breathing to accurately predict ovulation

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My Roles

Outbound Product Management

Conducted market analysis, user surveys and interviews, competitive research, business models

Inbound Product Management

Wrote full product requirements, worked closely with R&D, algorithms, QA, regulation, marketing to verify proper execution

Native App UX Design

Designed a simple, easy to use & efficient app, including functional prototyping, user testing, app publishing, usage tracking

Product Branding & Packaging

Defined product branding concept, tone of voice and app look & feel. Designed the product's retail package

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Medical IoT Connected Device
Full Native App UX Design
Product Branding Strategy
Product Packaging
Product Packaging
Winner of CES 2018 Best of Baby Tech Awards
Winner of The BUMP 2018 Best of Baby Awards
Winner of CES 2018 Best of Baby Tech Awards
EarlySense Percept: Gallery


CES 2018 Best of Baby Tech Awards

Audience Favorite

The BUMP 2018 Best of Baby Awards

High Tech Fertility Tracking Category

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From The Media

Talking About Percept

EarlySense Percept: Testimonials

Feng Shui Mommy

"Thank goodness for this nifty tracker because I was this close to making my husband help me track my basal body temperature and help me decipher what discharge was “ovulation discharge” – not as romantic as it sounds."

mighty MOMS

"It was packaged beautifully! The box even came with fun, gold strips of paper confetti. 

The monitor itself is very simple and sleek in shape and design. The tracking app is also just gorgeous!"

in due time

"I love that it’s a contact-free monitor. Contact-free! No poking or prodding or peeing! And I love that it automatically connects to my phone and offers a user-friendly app."

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