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Highlighted Work

I have vast product management experience in leading B2B & B2C companies in a variety of industries (Digital Health and Medical, Telecom, Gaming, Video Editing etc.). Leading strategy, planning, design and management of complex software / hardware-based products.

Here are some of my work's highlights:

EarlySense Percept

World's 1st Contact-Free Women's Fertility Tracker

The award winning contact-free fertility tracker. Product was built from the ground up, tackling technological and usability barriers, signaling a new era in women's health.

EarlySense Live

Sleep & Wellness Tracker

EarlySense's first go on a direct-to-consumer product. This contact-free under the mattress sensor tracks the user's sleep and wellness offering full sleep stage analysis and vitals alerts.

NeoGames DBG

Revolutionizing Lottery Game Purchases

Highly revolutionary digital lottery user experience designed from the ground up - a fresh new take on how people should purchase lottery tickets online.

Neogames Mobile Platform

Brand New Mobile Platform For Gamers

Brand new mobile games portal, which is in charge of all critical player funnels. This web-based product mimics native app user experience.

Orange Friendly

Israel's First Smartphone for the Elderly

An acclaimed Android launcher aimed to lower technological barriers and assist the elderly join the smartphone experience.

My Work: Services
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